abarcas by Ortuño

Our history

We are Shoe Manufacturers with more than 50 years of experience working with footwear.
100% Spanish manufacturing in Spain with Spanish material.

You can trust our professional and quality work.

Design and production created entirely by us without intermediaries, models of avarcas child, man and woman.
We do not sell to the public, only to distributors and stores.

We export to multiple destinations our menorquinas manufactured in spain, click here to know our destinations.

¿ Do you know the City of the Footwear ?

We are manufacturers of ELCHE, the City of Footwear.

About 42% of the footwear produced in Spain is made in Elche, a reference point both at national and European level.

Elche is a city closely linked to footwear. Its beginnings date back to the 20th century, when production was mainly handmade and based on the manufacture of espadrilles.

What makes us different?

Our experience in the footwear sector and manufacture of menorquinas


Our experience in the footwear sector and the manufacture of menorquinas


Quality in materials 100% from Spain and own manufacture of menorquinas


A professional service with our customers and delivery of orders

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Visit our #LookBook of photos and moments of our Menorquinas around the world